Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back Again!

Oh where does the time go?!
So I'm just going to post some random pics this time.
Buttons in the Fall leaves. She should model!

We got some really beautiful colors this year. It wasn't very rainy, so you could see all the changes. On my way to work each day there was one tree I'd pass that started out bright red at the top and each day it'd be red a little further down. Eventually the red at the top turned to orange and then yellow, and that happened all the way down the tree. I never noticed how different leaves change at different times and in different ways, until this year, I think. So beautiful. And to think, all those colors are hidden in the leaves, just waiting for the green to fade away. I don't like winter, but without the cool days we'd never have Autumn with all of the amazing colors to look at.
This is looking across our backyard.

One of the 6 trees in our backyard.

Some leaves from our trees.

I decorated our house a little for Halloween. I put spider webs over the bushes, put up Caution tape across the screen door, and I hung little ghosties in the porch railings.

This was my pumpkin. We carved pumpkins with our friends the Klavans. I got the idea from a picture I found in somebody's photobucket. (The green inside is just the candle.)

Jason's design didn't turn out quite the way he planned, so he removed the whole front, put a spider web over it, and hung a spider on it. After a few days the squirrels got to his, but they left mine alone for almost 2 weeks. We put Vaseline on all the openings to keep mold and squirrels away.

My cousin Nick Rainey got married to a girl from Utica, NY, a couple of hours from here. Jason couldn't go to the reception, so I asked my friend Rachel to come. We got lost once we got off the exit (the Google directions weren't so good), and when we finally found the church, there was no one there. So I called my dad to get my aunt's #, and I called her to get Nick's wife's family's #. My aunt told me the reception had started 3 hours before I thought it did, so even if we hadn't gotten lost, we'd never have made it. After many more phone calls I finally connected with Nick, they came back to the church, and we followed them to his wife's family's house. We visited for a few hours, and it turns out, her family used to go to the Schenectady ward. We knew some of the same people! And her sister had lived in Ogden and we knew some of the same Institute teachers! What a small world. So the gussied-up trash can is their wedding present (all things they registered for), and they were very happy to get it. :) We left there in a huge downpour, but we had a good time.


Jaime said...

I like how the 3 leaves just fell into place perfect for a picture hehe. I don't think I've seen the font of your house, it's cute & I love all the trees there. Funny pumpkin by the way! I'm not surprised it's yours. :) When are you going to come visit me?

Kate said...

Looks like you are having a lot of fun! Your puppy is so cute! We have a new url for our blog: Hope you enjoyed the holidays!