Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Six Flags

Jason and I went to Six Flags in Agawam, MA last month with the Young Single Adults from the Albany branch that we used to go to. It was so much fun! They redid the Superman ride so the first drop is longer and there are more special effects. I kept forgeting to take pictures, but I did manage to get a few. We went to the waterpark with our friends Steve and Janice (who are also married, but like us, used to go to the Albany branch), and it was cold but fun. The water hadn't warmed up yet.

Here are Steve and Janice getting snow cones. We got "fried dough" (scones) with powdered sugar. Soooo good.

Here's Jason on the balloon ride right before he threw up. That's right, he was fine on all the roller coasters, but the balloons that just lifted off the ground and went around in a big circle, made him up-chuck. To be fair, I felt like throwing up. Two rides before we had gone on an old wooden roller coaster. We got off in so much pain, that I vowed never to ride that one again. It's so jerky, and incredibly squeaky, my head hurt after, as did most of my joints. Jason thinks that was the beginning of his downfall. Once the balloon ride stopped I was waiting for Jason to undo his safety belt and get out, but he just leaned over the side and hurled. The operator was starting to come over, but I didn't want him to step in it, so I told him we were having a slight problem. He asked if we needed the first aid people, but Jason said he felt much better and we just hopped out and walked away. (Jason did apologize to the guy several times. He felt bad.) But he didn't want to go on any rides. Luckily it was the end of the day.

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